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Fresh vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet. Learn more about the essential nutrients found in fresh Ontario vegetables.

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Cooking with fresh vegetables is fun and very healthy. Foodland Ontario offers a variety of delicious recipes for salads, main courses, stews and soups that use fresh vegetables.

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What's happening for fresh vegetable growers in Ontario'

October 29, 2019

Why We Need The Next Generation Of Farm Leaders

Another winter is just around the corner, and in farming, that means meeting season will kick into high gear. Most farm organizations hold their annual general meetings, as well as policy and education events over the fall and winter because that's when our members are least busy with planting, harvesting and all other kinds of warm weather tasks.

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Fresh Vegetable Growers of Ontario is committed to promoting the development, sale and export of agricultural produce and provide educational opportunities related to agriculture and rural life.

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