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Hey Kids! Did you know that eating certain vegetables can help you see better at night? Or, that vegetables like peas and asparagus actually help keep your bones and teeth healthy? 

Check out the VeggieMania dream team made up of vegetables grown right here in Ontario!

Meet the VeggieMania Dream Team! Vegetable Characters made up of vegetables grown in Ontario. Find out who they are, their favourite activities and how their vitamins and nutrients help to keep you healthy. Learn a cool new game where variety Wins!

Picture of Card from Veggie Mania Deck Astro Nightsky the Asparagus

Print the entire deck of cards. VeggieMania will challenge you and your friends to collect a winning veggie colour combo every time. See instructions here

Check out other games you can play with the VeggieMania cards and characters to help you get to know Ontario's fresh vegetables.


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Fresh Vegetable Growers of Ontario is committed to promoting the development, sale and export of agricultural produce and provide educational opportunities related to agriculture and rural life.

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